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gli articoli segnalati nel webwatching del Mondo Scuola - Idee scuola: un confronto aperto per crescere professionalmente insieme! 


  • INGLESE: attività ludiche nella primaria inglese




- Occasionally I receive concerns about the appropriateness and safety of some of these games, and opinions that certain games should not be on the site. After much thought and deliberations, I have decided to keep all the games on the site.
- Some of the games (many of them in fact), can cause minor physical injury, including Red Rover, Dodge Ball, and others. However, most have been played by children for many years, and in my opinion, minor injuries are part of growing up. Therefore I have decided to keep them and allow the reader to determine if they want to play.
- Some of the games have stereotypes in them that were once tolerated but are now no longer appropriate. Keeping in mind one of the purposes of the site is to be a historical record, I will keep them on the site, but will be going through the list and adding a notation that the words used are no longer appropriate. (For instance Chinese School). Please keep in mind that originally in these games no harm was intended to any group, but our awareness level has improved significantly in recent years.


Playground Games The Games children love to play in England  and around the world. By Emma and Yana (Students) 


Some of the soundfiles do not refer directly to the game illustrated, and it's worth clicking the links to the transcripts if you can't listen to them.








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